Social media sentiments towards Salman Khan and Bigg Boss Season 7

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Analysis of people’s perception after Kushal left the Bigg Boss house and show host Salman Khan's annoying intervention in the house dynamics

When Salman Khan first appeared on our TV screen, on the very first look of Bigg Boss season 7, it became evident that this is going to be a season of fights and controversies as the show format required housemates to be devils and angels who will live in different areas of the house named as hell and heaven. But apparently the big fights started much later when the two areas of the house were merged. Maybe the housemates were trying a bit too hard to be devils rather than angels. Besides all the hue and cry, the show host Salman Khan is being blamed for being partial towards Tanisha and though the author of this blog wants to be neutral he can’t resist himself from saying Salman’s behaviour indeed seemed partial. Another big question that is haunting the bigg boss producers must be whether to bow down to the public demand and get Kushal back or go by Salman's verdict that Kushal must not return since he indulged in violence.

We know that you must be having these questions in your mind: “What are the sentiments of masses on Salman lashing out at Kushal, Andy talking derogatory about women, Kushal charging on Andy, and finally the big exit of Kushal from the show”?

Here are the key findings of the people’s perception based on the sentiment analysis performed using EaseSocial:

Post Analysis

• Let's summarize the social media activity this week for you: 1. Salman khan thrashed Kushal on Saturday and all the sane people in this world tried their hands on social media and worked together towards a common mission; the end result being: The tag #UnfairSalman trending for more than 24 hours. 2. Salman Khan fans came into action and posted aggressively across social media in favour of Salman’s comments. 3. Andy behaving like a cheap street thug and Kushal hitting him. 4. Kushal leaving the house with Gauhar. Well this pretty much describes the below statistics. 29% people rooting for Salman (we know how blind in love his fans can get at times, they have the capabilities of turning a disaster into a blockbuster, you know what we mean - Ek tha tiger), 29% rooting against him while the rest 42% sitting in their houses, having their evening tea and thinking how the Indian cricket team has chased down 350 twice in the previous 15 days.

Noise analysis performed by EaseSocial:

• EaseSocial defines Noise as the number of time a particular keyword has been mentioned in Social Media, “more the mentions more the noise.”

EaseSocial monitored social media responses around Bigg Boss in all the major social media networks and found:

• Analysis of social networks clearly showed that users on Twitter and Facebook were the most active. Google Plus users were also very active and posted over 1185 posts in less than a day.

Preview of user comments found by EaseSocial :

Here are some comments posted across social media networks, EaseSocial shows both the comments as well as the sentiment of the comments: (Every comment has a bar below it, which we call the Sentiment Bar. Longer Green Bar means more Positive sentiments while longer Red Bar means more Negative sentiments)

How posts on Bigg Boss were trending across Social Media:

As it can be seen from the analysis below, where we have analysed the social media mentions about Bigg Boss from 27th October, 29th October saw the maximum number of posts on Twitter while Facebook came out as the most viral network in terms of social media activity post 30 October.

If we analyse the daily timings when people are the most active about the show on social media, then we would realize that interest of Twitter users peaks right at the time the show airs.

Who are the Social media Influencers with respect to Bigg Boss?

We call those accounts social media influencers, whose posts have gained the maximum popularity across social media. Popularity is represented in terms of likes, shares and retweets.

What we have to say on this:

It’s just a show not your life and who knows there may be script that is given to all these great actors to act out. Besides Salman as we all know is an emotional guy and hence tried defending a friend’s sister in law. Did he do something wrong? (We all know he did. But remember, we are trying to be neutral on this).

So stop sweating it out on social media, relax and just enjoy the show. Or rather if you plan on being angry then you better stop watching it.

How Sentiment analysis can be beneficial to brands:

• Engaging your audience on social media is a herculean task. Your target audience may or may not be interested in you postings, blogs and other uploads across social media. Trending topics are always helpful but which of those can actually help you to engage your target audiences is always a tough ask. So, how do you know if your target audience would actually like what you have to say? Well, the simple answer is: Do a sentiment analysis on the trending topics using Ease Social and find out the response on various social media networks.

• EaseSocial also helps you to review the popularity of your previous posts, hourly and daily noise, the social media network which is enabling the maximum penetration to your brands posts and many more helpful statistics.

• Suppose, if a brand wants to associate with Bigg Boss, Salman Khan or a TV actor such as Kushal, then it should do a quick sentiment analysis about them and understand the public sentiment towards them. If the sentiment is positive then it will be extremely beneficial to associate with them but as is the case now, associating with them may not be a good idea right now. Hence, EaseSocial can be a powerful medium that simplifies marketing research.

• Sentiment Analysis also provides an opportunity for failing brands to understand where they are lagging and what is it that they need to improve.

You can also download this report from the link given below. Hundreds of users are using Social media sentiment analysis to gain useful insights. Generate your own sentiment analysis reports using EaseSocial. Sign up for EaseSocial today and experience the power of social media.
Signup for a demo now: EaseSocial Demo
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